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About RACINE, Wisconsin.

Racine, Wisconsin has the heart of a small town in the body of a somewhat larger city. This suburban sprawl of around 77,000 permanent residents manages to tow the line between bustling and peaceful, making for an interesting landscape that you'll definitely enjoy. As diverse as it is dynamic, Racine real estate truly does have a little something for everyone.
Racine's most famous celebration, the "World's Best Prom", is a perfect representation of what to expect from this lovely little city. Featured on This American Life, and even the subject of a feature-length documentary, the "Prom" is an after-party for every prom attendee in the city hosted by the Racine community. Not only does the event keep the students safer, but it's developed into a genuinely fun, exciting event that the city and its residents coordinate. It's a perfect example of how Racine can be as practical and wholesome as it can be fun. Now, if you happen to have passed the age of proms and after-parties, don't worry. Being right on Lake Michigan, Racine has a great deal to offer when it comes to hiking, beachfront space, and aquatic activities. With many of the buildings in the city designed by the illustrious architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, you might just fall as much in love with the small-town-meets-contempo skyline as you will with the city itself. Home to S.C. Johnson and a host of other businesses, both large and small, Racine's a phenomenal place to start both a career and a family.

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The Racine real estate listings truly can cover every point on the spectrum, with options ranging all the way from first home to first mansion. For the most affordable options, the Shorecrest Manor, Manree Park, and Maple Grove neighborhoods are the absolute best place to start. On the other hand, for something with just a dash of opulence, check out the Greater North Bay area. Of course, for a happy medium, your best bet would be either the Riverbluff Estates or Michigan Meadows subdivisions, which offer beautiful, new, single-family homes for reasonable prices.

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